Detecting Lies through Verbal Responses

liar detectorHuman communication is an intricate exchange. A human being generates around seventy to hundred verbal and non verbal cues per second when talking. With the average person capable of just processing around seven pieces of information at the same time, it is no wonder so many people can be deceived. Detecting Lies is not a simple thing to do. But, understanding body language and verbal responses may provide you some clues whether you are being lied to. Below are some verbal answers a liar can use:

  • Speed and Tone of Voice – A Persons voice is a simple way. Liars tend to alter the rate at which they speak or will raise or lower the tone of the voice, and a few will actually stutter if they realize they have been detected.
  • Exaggerated Details – When Folks lie about certain things, they frequently give you a more detailed response to a question than necessary. They are buying time here where they will attempt to prevent you from asking more specific questions on exactly the identical subject. By giving you more information than anticipated, in addition, it makes your job more challenging to discover a lie because you have more information to analyze especially liedetectors on
  • Did they really answer the question – If you asked a question like did you do it? And they replied with Id never do this, that is not really answering your question. A standard answer is I did not do that. Ensure that your questions are extremely direct, because people find it very tough to lie to a direct question, unless of course it is been rehearsed many times.
  • Pronoun Changes – When someone wants to Distance themselves they will begin using. A good example is when they need to assert something they will use my home whereas if they would like to distance themselves they will use the home.
  • Verb Changes – Manipulating verb tenses Is common with liars. An example could be having you ever used drugs? Given by an answer no I do not use drugs. There answer implies they are not using drugs but does not answer the question ever used drugs.
  • Purchase in Lists – A parent who is requested to Name their children’s names will start in the earliest. The same applies they finish with the least favorite and will begin with the worker that is favored. Changing the order means that something is not perfect.
  • Mismatching Common Phrases – A Perfect example of this is when O.J. Simpson referred to his wife having ups and downs rather than the more common phrase ups and downs.
  • Asking for an Issue to be repeated – When Somebody asks for a question to be repeated, it usually is not because they did not hear the question or they did not understand the question; it is because they would like to acquire some time to work out how they will reply more suitably.
  • Avoiding Using Contractions – Liars Will often say did not rather than did not. A classic example is President Bill Clintons statement I did not have sex with Monica Lewinski.
  • Software Allergic Effects – Words and phrases like to be honest a really to tell the truth and the fact is can often be used by a liar. They mean they have been lying so much and they need to say.

Everyone deserves the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Utilizing the information you can detect when someone is lying to you, but be certain that you look at things as a whole. Lie detection is a mix of body language, eye contact and responses as possible before jumping to any conclusions.

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